A stolen season – Date Shake

Date ShakeHaving not grown up in Southern California and also being a longtime resident of a few places far colder, I find something completely delectable about hot summery days in the month of December.  It’s kind of like being on vacation.  My most common memories of December are of nippy cold days and uncomfortably freezing (or way below freezing) nights. I have many recollections of having grown sick of winter by the time December rolls around when in fact it doesn’t officially even start until December 21st.


It is with this in mind that I want to introduce you to something that is decidedly summery and decidedly Californian. That is the date shake.  It is the date shake that comes to mind on these stolen hot summery days in December.  Somehow it like feels a little bit like playing hooky. Or like that first drive you take in the car when you get your drivers license.   It’s liberating freedom like you’re getting away with something that feels a little bit naughty but really fun.  Sweet, creamy, and much more delicious than you would ever think they would be… Date shakes are something that you can sip with your eyes closed in the winter and dream about somewhere sunny and warm.


Date Shake

Makes 2

1 cup dried pitted dates

1 cup milk

2 1/2 cups of vanilla ice cream

Puree the dates and milk in the blender first, to get the pieces of dates nice and small… the big chunks are not my preference.  Then add the ice cream and blend to your desired consistency.