Gardening Tips from a Guest Blogger!

I’m sharing some wonderful gardening tips (and beautiful images) from a fellow blogger, Eamon, across the pond in Dublin, Ireland.. please enjoy his words and images from Capital Garden Services in Dublin. After all, how many of us can’t wait to go dig in the dirt on this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend?  Seems like a perfect use of my time anyway…

Gardening tips from Eamon in Dublin, Ireland
Gardening tips from Eamon in Dublin, Ireland

“Starting a garden might seem daunting but it’s actually accessible for many people no matter the size you have to work with. Good reasons why you should get your gardening gloves on:

● Tending to a garden, watching it develop and all that is involved will give you a sense of achievement.

● It’s a healthy use of your free time; being out in the garden means that you are likely getting some exercise; you are away from modern distractions like smartphones and you’re getting fresh air. It can be tempting to just throw yourself in front of the TV but this will force you outdoors.

● You can get the family involved in building up the garden to its potential so it’s a great team building exercise and the kids will learn about nature in a practical way.

● Should your garden develop and depending on what you’ve planted, you’re likely to reap the rewards in the form of beautiful flowers to display in your home and maybe even some vegetables for dinner! ”

Read more from Eamon here!


Gardening tips from Eamon
Gardening tips from Eamon, in Dublin, Ireland