Copper pots 1This is a collection of some of my favorite resources, accumulated over the past many  years, for gardening, cooking and homesteading.  I am sure I will be adding to it as we go… Enjoy!


  1. Backyard Chickens (website)
  2. The Chicken Chick (website)
  3. The City Chick (website)
  4. Mother Earth News (website and magazine)
  5. Sunset (magazine)


  1. Cooks Illustrated magazine and the following cookbooks:  The Best Recipe, Baking Illustrated, Slow Cooker Revolution I and II
  2. Cookbooks by Julia Child, Ina Garten, Lidia Bastianich, Mario Batali, Dorie Greenspan, and (don’t laugh) Gwyneth Paltrow
  3. “Canning for a New Generation” and “Urban Pantry” cookbooks
  4. caffe latte heartSunset (magazine)
  5. Saveur (magazine and cookbooks, especially the French food one)
  6. Surfas – which is a restaurant supply store open to the public in Culver City, CA (Los Angeles).  They have at least 30 different types of vinegar alone, in addition to amazing beer, chocolate, ravioli, pans, knives, cake toppers, professional food coloring paste, truffle honey, cheese, and the list goes on and on!


  1. Seed Savers Exchange (seed and heirloom seed saving resource, non-profit organization with catalog, website and memberships to support their organization that give you access to an amazing variety of heirloom seeds…. Like THOUSANDS. You don’t need a membership to buy seeds from them, but if you have one, you have access to a much larger variety of seeds)
  2. UC Cooperative Extension (website with a lot of info on gardening that is universal, but even more is specific to California)
  3. Sunset (magazine)
  4. Mother Earth News (magazine and website)

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