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6 comments on “Follow

  1. Hi Adrienne,
    I love reading your posts! It is inspiring me to try your recipes even though I’m not much of a cook. Please keep sending me emails each time you write a new post.
    Debbie xo

  2. Adrienne: Sue & Nim have been raving (and rightly so) about your blog. I reviewed this last blog and drooling….. Looking forward to more.

  3. Hi Adrienne!
    When I visited your garden at your last open house, I noticed all your pots were black. Are these a special kind? I thought I heard you mention something about them. I just started my own fennel plant and napa cabbage which I would like to plant. Now not sure if I should plant in the garden or in a pot. thanks for your tips. I look forward to purchasing some more of your fig jam. It was really yummy.
    thanks – Ilona

    1. Thanks Ilona and that’s great about your plants! There is nothing special about the pots really… Generally I recommend that they big big enough and DEEP enough for the things that you are planting, and it’s a really good idea to fill them with a potting mix from the store, to make sure there are no weird unwelcome critters or bacteria in the soil. Feel free to email me directly if you want to talk more about your garden, and I am so pleased you liked the jam! – Adrienne

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