http://www.local-ice.com/95195-zoloft-uk.html It’s officially winter. Soup weather, no matter where you live. Cozying up with a warm crock of delicious soup on a cold winter day makes it feel like its a nice thing that it is so bitter and cold outside (I am speaking to you who are gazing at the snow and ice outside your […]

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Vegan Thoughts – Quinoa Salad and Hummus with Kalamata Olives

http://www.irgmarketing.com/23098-benadryl-price.html I am not vegan.  I enjoy many foods that are decidedly animal based, and that is simply who I am.  Having said that, I have a true and intense curiosity about vegan-ism… Let me walk you through it…. It turns out being a vegan, or practicing being a vegan even SOMETIMES may help in three […]

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