Cocktail Parties – part 2… The cocktails opcje binarne nielegalne hombre solo banda Look At This forum site rencontre gratuit non payant site de rencontre gratuit n1 speed dating seoul buy Viagra 150 mg in Allentown Pennsylvania click here for more info So this is what being pregnant or nursing for a few years in a row does to your brain…. How can I write a post about cocktail parties without sharing some favorite cocktails? Oh, and I do have some favorites.  There are the traditional ones, like margaritas and sangria, which, when made well, can be […]

Vegan Thoughts – Quinoa Salad and Hummus with Kalamata Olives

I am not vegan.  I enjoy many foods that are decidedly animal based, and that is simply who I am.  Having said that, I have a true and intense curiosity about vegan-ism… Let me walk you through it…. It turns out being a vegan, or practicing being a vegan even SOMETIMES may help in three […]